12,500 Bulk Water Tanker

12’500 litres in a fibreglass tank mounted to allow 10 degrees of torsional twist. This rugged design is rapidly being accepted as the bench mark in Tanker design. 7’500 litre dam is located in an easily deployed drawer on the drivers side or this can be replaced by another locker housing a fridge which slides out and tips down for easy access. The Passengers side locker houses all of the hoses and couplings whilst the drop down sides allow the suction hoses and miscellaneous tools to be rapidly deployed. Another option that can be fitted is an electric rewind hose reel holding 30m or 60m of hose.

Aluminised fire curtains are fitted to the cabin for operator safety and the six speed automatic gear box reduces driver fatigue. A Darley HM500 PTO pump is mounted and controlled by a VDO pedal interface system.