Crew Cab Fire Curtains

In Cab Roll down Fire Curtains
Front mounted fire blinds
When stored the blinds pose no visual restrictions
Rolled up and Stored safely
When the blinds are deployed they cover all the glassed areas
Deployed blinds cover all glass
Quick release velcro straps aid with the deployment
Neatly stored with velcro straps

Non removable blinds to help avoid damage


For enhanced crew safety the cabin area has been fitted with a number of heat resistant fire blinds. These Blinds are made from Pre-ox\Aramid Aluminised fabric OKCA 507. These curtains are located above the front and side windows of the cabin and are held in place by quick release Velcro straps.

In the case of a burn over, simply release the Velcro straps and unroll the fire blinds until they are fully deployed. Then tuck each end into the corner of the cabin, ensuring that all blinds are overlapping each other.


Moore Engineering designed Crew Deck Blinds
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