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Underground Fire and Rescue

Founded in 1972 as an Automotive repair business, Moore Engineering then diversified to include Air Conditioning; holding 5 franchises and winning the Top Dealer award in 1979 and 1980.

With the engineering side of the business flourishing, Moore Engineering manufactured and installed onsite extensions for the local abattoir as well as constructing a local winery.


Bulk Water Tanker

The first Emergency Services contract that the business won was also the first time that Moore Engineering used aluminium; this vehicle was widely praised as the best of its type throughout Australia for many years.

Having been successful in the majority of CFS tenders since 1984, Moore Engineering is now involved with the mining industry building many underground Fire and Rescue appliances for this sector.

On Site Work

Our 24 hour break down service, wide range of stocked items and specialists trained in pump repairs has kept Moore Engineering at the fore front of the industry.

Employing 30 full time staff and training 6 apprentices on average each year, Moore Engineering is one of the major businesses in the Murray Bridge area sponsoring many local sporting groups and charities. Moore Engineering adhere to a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

The owner, Mr Quentin Moore has been the recipient of countless awards including; SA Great Innovation and Outstanding Business Awards to name a few

Award Winning Company
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