Last Modified: 27/5/2009 at 10:26

Lockers with Roller Doors

Rear roller door of a rescue appliance
Tall and narrow
Roller door design has become non invasive into the locker space
Wide and short
Moore Engineering supplied lockers will always come with secure latchings
Secure latching
Roller doors finish of the appearance of any appliance
Neat finishes

Roller doors can provide unobstructed access to all areas on the vehicle

Roller Doors

Versatile, quick and easy are just a few ways to describe the roller doors now being fitted to Emergency Service Vehicles. Aluminium slats form a good weather resistant seal and roll away with minimal locker space required.

Pre tensioned in the factory for ease of operation with different styles and types of latching and locking configurations.

Strong constuction with weather proof seals are always a requirement
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