The fire appliance is based on an Isuzu NPS 300 4 X 4 crew cab chassis, with a wheel base of 3,395mm and a GVM of 6,000kg. 
There are two 30 metre electric rewind Hose Reels mounted at the rear of the fire appliance. 
A grassland spray bar is fitted to the front of the cab chassis below the bullbar. A cabin deluge spray system is installed on all glassed areas for crew protection along with in cab fire curtains made from aluminised fire retardant OKA-507 material.

This locker has been designed to store the various sized delivery hoses and associated equipment. There has also been an adjustable shelf mounted within this locker to enable the crew to modify the locker configuration if required.
Passengers side locker
There are two electric rewind Hose Reels mounted at the rear of the fire appliance. The Hose Reels contain 30-metres of 25 mm high-pressure hose.
Hose Reels
The truck is fitted with a quick connect coupling and a small electric pump which will transfer foam from the original container into the onboard stainless steel holding tank.
Foam fill point
Various nozzles and devices may be used to create and discharge foam. Operation of the unit with the foam proportioner and air compressor engaged will result in the unit being capable of creating compressed air foams.
Foam capabilities
Locker Three can be found on the driverís side of the appliance, above the rear wheels. This locker is utilised for the storage of the tool box, flares, torches, fuel can and all of the available hand tools on the appliance.
Drivers side locker



This vehicle has been fitted with a compressed air foam system. In addition to the main pump, there are two basic sub-systems that comprise the compressed air foam system. The first is the addition of a foam concentrate proportioner to inject foam concentrate into the water in a dedicated area of the pump. The second is the addition of an air compressor system to supply compressed air for foam making.

A quick connect hose fitting is located in the rub rail and along with the elctric transfer pump is used to fill the onboard foam tanks eliminating the need to decant from containers.

Isuzu 14 CAFS unit

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