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Water Tanks

Aluminium construction water tank fitted to a quick response vehicle
Aluminium tank
Moore Engineering fibreglass tanks leave plenty of room for the crew
Crew deck space
Moore Engineering can utilise the space that small appliances need
Tank top storage
Mounting of ladders and chest style lockers to tank tops
ladder mount

12,500 litre fibreglass tank as supplied by Moore Engineering

Water Tanks

Available in what ever size you require, 500litres through to 13,000litres. Aluminium or fibreglass, inbuilt baffles or baffle balls, sumps and emergency reserves. Our tanks have been widley acclaimed as some of the best in the industry.

Moore Engineering have over 400 tanks in circulation around Australia in the Emergency Service Groups, the Mining Industry as well as the Private sector.

The Moore Engineering Fitted 3,200 litre water tank is centrally mounted for better weight distribution
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