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Crew Deck Fire Curtains

Easy access with the fold down lid
Fold down acces
Stiched with stainless steel thread
Strong and durable construction
All the curtains are purpose built to all appliances
Complete coverage
Rolled up and secured with velcro straps
Neat storage and quick release

Fully deployed curtain gives good protection


The fire curtain held within the CDMS has been designed and tested to reduce the affect of flames impingement and radiant heat during a burn over or any other similar situation.

1. Pull down on the single release catch located in the centre of the curtain lid; this will unlock the front cover.

2. Pull down on the yellow handrail located on the front edge of the cover until it is all the way down.

3. Position yourself under the haven area.

4. Once inside, release the Velcro straps on the drop down curtains and allow them to fall to the crew deck floor.

5. When the curtains are deployed ensure that each corner of the curtain is straightened out to complete the sealed

Overlapping of the side curtains gives optimum coverage
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