QRV Landcruiser

Moore Engineering recognised the requirements of the Emergency Service providers and responded to our customers needs by taking a proven vehicle and making it tougher. With a usable water capacity of 600 Litres delivered by a Darley AGE 1.5 pump this little unit has the ability to get in anywhere. The suspension upgrade gives the vehicle a GVM of 3,900kg, that means more equipment can be carried in the two large lockers. Safety is taken care of by in cab roll down fire curtains and a cabin deluge system that covers all glassed areas as well as the fire fighting pump.

Suspension upgrade front and rear
Room for equipment
Cabin deluge safety feature
Easy and ergonomical work station
Suspension upgrade front and rear

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QRV landcruiser

Built into the Quick Response Vehicle is the ability to outperform all expectations. The enhanced suspension increases the GVM to 3,900kg allowing more water and equipment to be utilised. The safety features help to keep the operators and vehicle safe. The easy to use and ergonomically layed out fire fighting station takes away the guess work and stress.

QRV Landcruiser 6x6
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