Stainless Steel Plumbing

Moore Engineering have been fitting plumbing to fire trucks since 1980 and some of our first units are still going strong. Stainless steel has now become the pipe of choice and can be fitted into any of the older layouts. We can upgrade your tired old fire fighting unit and keep you pumping for years to come.

Crew ProtectionMonitorsSpraybarNozzles

Only high quality valves and fittings are used


Whatever your application entails, if there is water involved then there is plumbing required.

High pressure feed lines or low pressure recirculation lines, in line check valves and strainers, crew protection systems, stainless steel ball valves, hose reels and nozzles.

All of our plumbing is designed to eliminate vortexing which will prolong pump life.

 Moore Engineering can supply and fit any plumbing combination that you require
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