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Crew Protection System

Moore Engineering designed cabin deluge system commonly refferred to as a HALO
Cabin Deluge
Mirror mounted spray nozzles ensure the glass is adequately covered
Flexible spray nozzles
Moore Engineering has developed a spray system that envelopes the entire appliance
Stalk mounted nozzles
Moore Engineering Realises that some appliance will be traversing hot fire grounds and has installed wheel sprays
Wheel sprays

Crew protection hand rails and safety gate


Wether we tackle a fire in grass land or forest the chances of things turning nasty are very real, inbuilt into the design of the vehicle are elements that can greatly improve the safety of the crew and the vehicle.

From fire retardant curtains in the cab and crew haven to water spays on wheels and fuel tanks. Sprays that cover the entire vehicle, Cabin Deluge sprays that cover all the glassed areas. Coming home safe is a priority.


Crew Protection can be activated by the flicking of one switch
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